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: What I learned about my online self during #WeblogPoMo2024

Reflecting on the past month of posting.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

:, the Indieweb, and joy

Why I love so much I’ll probably stop using it soon.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Beyond bensinterests

What happened after I abandoned my Tumblr site?

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Why was bensinterests abandoned?

A few thoughts on commitment, personality, and the mid-to-late 2010s.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: 🔗 The pre-Photoshop art of Sandy Skoglund

These images look digitally manipulated. They’re not.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: 🔗 Novelty answerphone greetings

A fun piece of forgotten cultural ephemera.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Listlogs express joy

Reflecting on why I’m even writing this series of blogs.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: 🔗 Images of Australian criminals in the 1920s

A link originally posted on bensinterests.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: 🔗 How Japanese children learn multiplication

Something originally posted on bensinterests that’s so simple that it might blow your mind.

A …

: 🔗: First time ski jump

The sort of simple, wholesome content originally posted on bensinterests.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024 …

: The Instapaper years

The risk of automation

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Nobody needs a 404

The joy and sadness of looking at the old web

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Blogging as nostalgia

Why do my online posts often look to the past?

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: 🔗: The sun, in ultraviolet

A photograph of the sun taken through ultraviolet filters.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Engagement metrics do not make you a good person

Why I rarely publicised bensinterests when I was publishing it.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: You're doing Tumblr wrong

…or was I? Some thoughts about looking at the bensinterests Tumblr in 2024.

A post for …

: 🔗 'High order bit'

A ten minute video about internet identities

(A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.)

: What was bensinterests?

Looking back on my favourite blogging experience.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

: Remembering bensinterests over #WeblogPoMo2024

What I’ll be writing about over WeblogPostingMonth. Essentially: nostalgia for Tumblr.

: Six thoughts about Cyberpunk 2077

A lot of words about a three-year-old computer game.

: Just write something

Blogging is scary, until it isn’t.

A post about why I’m trying one more time.

: Notes on books read in 2023

I don’t normally read much. That’s changed.

Some stats and some books I really enjoyed …

: Notes on twenty years

A tribute to a friend.

: Notes on going viral

What it’s like to have a social media post get some mild level of attention in 2023.

: Two and a half years with wearables

What it’s like to have a tiny health-focused computer on your wrist in the early 2010s.

: 2014 album of the year

A lament that 2014 has probably had some good music but damned if I’ve been able to find it.

: 2013 album of the year

My favourite album of 2013 is…

: 2013 album(s) of the year - 4 to 2

Continuing the countdown of my favourites from the year. These ones are good. Real good.

: 2013 album(s) of the year - 7 to 5

Some very good records from this year.

: 2013 album(s) of the year - 10 to 8

Starting the countdown of my favourite albums from 2013 with a varied selection of sort-of oldies.

: 2013 album(s) of the year - an introduction

Let’s be ambitious and post about LOADS of great albums from this year.

: Could HMV still survive?

Some thoughts about why the once-ubiquitous music retailer is struggling yet again and some thoughts …

: 2012 album of the year

A great year for new music! Almost a struggle to choose a favourite.

: The shock of the new

Quick! Read this new thing quick! Quicker! And listen to new things! Don’t reflect, just …

: 2011 album of the year

An unconventional choice for this year. Not even an album.

: 2010 album of the year

The best album this year (IMO) is one of the most fun.

: My First CDs

What first tempted me to fritter away any disposable income I might have on music for the rest of my …