Remembering bensinterests over #WeblogPoMo2024

What I’ll be writing about over WeblogPostingMonth. Essentially: nostalgia for Tumblr.

Not too long ago I lamented that I found blogging scary and should probably just get into the habit of sharing some thoughts on a regular basis. I fortnight later I posted an extremely long post about a computer game no-one else is playing in 2024 and promptly didn’t post again.


Luckily, the lovely Apple Annie suggested an idea for all the supercool and sexy folks who use but is really open to everyone: Weblog Posting Month!

Probably obvious from the name: this is a one-month blogging challenge! It will start May 1, 2024, and end May 31, 2024. You will post as much as you can, ideally daily, but we all have lives, so go easy on yourself. This is meant to be fun!

I’m in a state of blog flux at the moment, which sounds vaguely disgusting. I’m not quite happy with my blogging platform of choice and can’t quite find one that works for me. As a reflect on this I’ve been going back and looking at some of my older blogging attempts. One of those sites is still online, was actively maintained for six years, and was just, well, fun.

An old Tumblr account which was just a public-facing list of things I enjoyed, a linklog. I called it bens interests.

This month I’ll write a bit about it, share some of my favourite linked content, and hopefully talk about where that site fits into where I’d like the internet to be right now.

And I’ll try to remember to use the hashtag #WeblogPoMo2024 whenever I can.