2013 album(s) of the year - an introduction

Let’s be ambitious and post about LOADS of great albums from this year.

Every December, it’s become customary for me to pontificate about the state of the musical landscape over the past year before definitively stating the single album which I think surpassed all others.

Reading back over years past, I always tend to have some minor get out clause - hey! this isn’t the only album that’s been good! there have been others too! so here’s a list which I’m not really going to expand on.

This year, I would suggest, has been pretty average. Some buzzbands that rose and fall, lots of landfill churn, no big cultural shifts, no big changes.

What there has been is a plethora of really good records. Ensuing convention, I feel compelled to suggest ten records that I’ve enjoyed more than others over the past twelve months. What follows over the next few days is a crude countdown; not a declaration of the ten definitive albums of the year, more an ordered list of the new albums that I really love.

Sit tight.