What I learned about my online self during #WeblogPoMo2024

Reflecting on the past month of posting.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

When Anne suggested #WeblogPoMo, they gave a short brief:

I encourage people to choose a guiding topic for the month, something that will help them feel propelled to post. It could be a loosely defined goal, perhaps you are learning something new and this would be a way to talk yourself through it on a daily basis, or post about progress.

Neat, I thought! As I’m a little frustrated with my current choice of blogging platform I’ll post about my blog I have the fondest memory for, an old Tumblr called bensinterests. I’ll give some background for a day or two and then just repost examples of the fun content for the rest of the month.


I ended up writing long, naval-gazing posts which took in everything from Brexit to frustrations with YouTube embeds.

In summary:

I didn’t blog every day for 31 days. I published acres more than I usually would. At times it was a chore but often I looked forward to writing a little bit every day. It’s therapy. It’s clarified my thoughts and it’s made me reflect on how unhappy I was for a while. I cherish what I have now and only want to build on it.

How grateful I am for this month, and I offer Anne my humble and sincere thanks.

What’s next?

My final post about omg.lol concluded with me saying that no platform seems right for me at the moment and that I’m inspired by the sites of others. That sparked a lot of chat on Mastodon from people encouraging me to go further and try building out the site of my dreams (even if, to quote more than one person, it ends up being cobbled together with gaffer tape, hope, and dreams).

That’s likely the route I’ll take. I’m not much of a programmer - I understand HTML and CSS and markdown and bits of Python, and that’s probably enough for me to have a go. I have a vague idea of how I’d want my dream site to work: a welcome page showing a stream of content from subsections like blogs and link lists and photos sections, a simple design, nothing that requires too much responsive design.

It’s daunting. A month of blogging was also daunting! Anything’s possible.