🔗: First time ski jump

The sort of simple, wholesome content originally posted on bensinterests.

A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.

A full ten years ago, in February 2014, I posted a link to this video without any headline, comment, or context:

It lasts all of 108 seconds. A GoPro video from a young girl doing a ski jump for the first time. Most of the video is her stood at the top of the jump reassuring herself that it’ll be ok, whimpering a little, feeling scared but reassured by nearby adults that she can do it successfully.

And does it, and you hear the wind rushing past, and she lands, and is elated, and confidently tells the few people at the bottom of the run that it’s no big deal and hollers with delight.

It is such a wonderful example of the joy of the internet, the very best of the human experience distilled into a bite-sized, grin-inducing video.

Worth preserving and highlighting all these years later.