🔗 'High order bit'

A ten minute video about internet identities

(A post for #WeblogPoMo2024.)

Back in October 2011, bensinterests linked to this video about how people present themselves online:

Forgetting that the presenter created a particularly awful place for people to gather online, the narrative in the video is really compelling: your username is an expression of who you are, and many people have different usernames (and personas, and identities, and profiles) across multiple sites and services online, and that’s a reflection of how people are in real life.

It’s an interesting thought to come back to, especially this month. I’m posting this via micro.blog, definitely in a way that the service didn’t necessarily intend, with a jazzy template which uses and prominently displays my actual name, reflecting on why I dropped the bensinterests Tumblr account which was quieter, more (though not totally) anonymous, and reflecting on whether this current site is right for me.